Just how is the BMC funded?

by Alex Messenger, Summit Editor BMC Aug/2008
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Gone are the days when you could run an organisation like the BMC from a dusty backroom with a single filing cabinet.

Representing a touch over 65,000 members and employing 25 full-time staff, the modern BMC gets through about £1.75m a year.

Some of this goes towards running the office. But most of it goes toward the activities that people join us for: keeping crags open, safety and equipment advice, lobbying important people to nip problems in the bud, liability insurance for members, running events, marketing, producing a website and Summit magazine to tell everyone about it.

So where does this million-and-threequarters actually come from? Well, the 2007 Annual Accounts show that last year 59% of the income needed to run the BMC came from membership subscriptions, 30% from trading activities (including travel insurance), and a slim 11% from Sports Council grants.

The figures are healthy. Membership is growing – an 8.4% increase in the last year – probably down to our new membership database starting to generate new marketing possibilities and the recent very successful Direct Debit offer.

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This has been read 26,628 times