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by Mick Ryan - May/2009
This news story has been read 6,453 times have cast our net far and wide to bring in a diverse range of contributors including Dave MacLeod and Adam Long for a new mini-series kicking off today in the Articles section.

Mini-Series - Relocate

The series, titled Relocate, gives an insider's view on what it is like to live and climb in an area of the UK. Areas covered so far include Sheffield, Fort William, North Wales, London, Devon, Lake District and more.

Concentrating as much on the people and character of the areas as the climbing, the articles give information on employment opportunities, house prices and of course, access to the rock and to climbing partners.

If you're thinking about moving somewhere else in the UK, or if you'd just like to know what it's like living in Fort William or Devon, these articles could be for you.

Destination Articles - Ideas For Climbing Trips

In other parts of the site, Kevin Avery is working hard on Destination Articles and has several in the pipeline. The intention is to present the most important climbing areas in the World so that you have all the information at hand to plan a trip. He does need help and if you would like to write a Destination Article, do get in touch with Kevin: (

Next up is a superb Gogarth article written by Simon Panton and formatted in to our destinations format, complete with maps, links and databases, by Kevin Avery. Watch this space...

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This has been read 6,453 times