MCofS News: Roads, Access and the Scottish Climbing Code of Practice

by Mick Ryan - UKC Dec/2009
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Vehicle Access In The Mountains

Already mentioned and discussed at is the potential opening of government owned tracks in some Scottish mountain areas to vehicles to make access easier, meaning that you can drive rather than walk.

The position of the MCofS up until now is against such opening of tracks to vehicular access for several reasons including increased erosion caused by vehicles in the mountain environment and where possible to keep mountain areas 'wild' by promoting low impact non-motorised recreation.

As a mountain user your comments are needed.

  • Full report by Hebe Carus, the MCofS Access & Conservatation Officer:

Hebe has also been involved with discussions with Peter Peacock MSP for Highlands & Islands about the damaging impact of new tracks in the Scottish mountains and questions have been asked in the Scottish Parliament this week.

Scottish Climbing Code of Practice

As climbing becomes more popular and visible, land owners where climbing takes place are understandably concerned about liability issues and contact the MCofS for clarification about what climbing is all about.

To work with land owners and also to comply with the Land Reform Act and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, the MCofS has drawn up a consultation document that requires your comments.

You can read the MCofS's draft Scottish Climbing Code of Practice (Summer & Winter)

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This has been read 4,388 times