VIDEO: Malcolm Smith - New Font 8B

by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC Apr/2010
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Malcolm Smith has added another desperate problem to the boulders of Dumbarton, near Glasgow.

His new problem is called Firefight and is graded Font 8B. The problem links the Pressure Cave in to a font 8A finish called Firestarter. There's more info on the Stone Country Blog.

Malcolm has previously climbed the super hard Gut Buster (8B+) at Dumbarton (UKC News) back in September 2008, see the excellent video below from Peter Murray.

VIDEO: Firefight First Ascent

Related VIDEO: Gut Buster

Malcolm Smith is sponsored by Scarpa and Moon and Wild Country

Thanks go to Will Atkinson for alerting us to this news.

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This has been read 10,955 times