Two 8B's by Romain Desgranges

by Björn Pohl - UKC Sep/2009
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After a 9th position at Arco, and between endurace sessions preparing for the lead WC's, Romain Desgranges found some time to squeeze in some bouldering at Fionnay, Swizzy. Last week he made the FA of Seveso, 8B, a prow with intense and physical moves, where it's easy to fall on virtually every one of them.
A week later he turned his full attention to Dave Graham's Permanent midnight. Romain had tried it before but hadn't been able to find the right solution, as he couldn't use Dave's due to lack of wing span, but after figuring out an alternative method, he was able to succeed. "Without doubt one of my finest achievement at this level"
Photo: Romain Desgranges on Permanent midnight, 8B, by Fred Moix.

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This has been read 1,640 times