Bernd Zangerl repeats Entlinge, 8C

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jan/2009
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I got an email from Bernd today, telling me he had just made the 2nd ascent of one of Fred Nicole's hardest boulders, Entlinge, 8C, in the Swiss Murgtal. The steep, ~50 degrees, and short, 6 moves to the lip, problem took Fred some time to figure out, working it on and off for a few years, before making the FA in the spring of 2005.
So, how hard is it?
After having made the FA of Terremer, he said "I have ? never done something which felt that hard at first, except maybe 'Entlinge'".
It will be interesting to hear what Bernd thinks of it. Photo by Mary Gabrieli, showing Fred on the boulder.
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