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by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC Jun/2010
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Andi Turner cooling down on Yukan II, Nesscliffe, 136 kb
Andi Turner cooling down on Yukan II, Nesscliffe
© Jon Read, Jun 2010

Well over 10,000 people have a logbook at You can log climbs, chart your progress, see trends in your climbing, keep track of your training, see other peoples' ascents and all sorts of funky stuff.

  • You can see the new Recent Top Ascents Page here: Top Ascents
  • If you don't have a logbook - you can get one here: Logbooks

Now, we didn't want to start ranking climbers, but with so many people logging climbs at UKC on a regular basis we thought that showing the most recent top ascents (in date order, not in order of difficulty) might give people an insight in to what action has been going on in the last few days.

On the right you can see Andi Turner on Yukan II (E7) - a climber and a route that have been featuring heavily on the new Top Ascents page recently.

You can navigate to this Top Ascents page from either the Logbooks main page or from Bjorn Pohl's Lowdown News Page.

Currently the system lists all routes ticked in good style (ie. climbed on lead without falling off - be it onsight or after practice) and we have set the bar at E5, F7c and V9 for Trad, Sport and Bouldering respectively. We have chosen these grades as it gives a nice size of page with a relatively quick turn around of routes.

An automatic forum thread will be started every Tuesday morning at 9am summarising the last week's ascents. You can see last week's thread here.

A few other things:

Yes, this system is open to abuse - logbook users could record climbs they haven't done. We do check climbs to some degree, but you never know.

No, we are not going to start ranking climbers. Why not? Because we don't believe it is the right thing to do. Scores, ranks and numbers are not what climbing is all about. Sure, numbers are great and we all love improving, but it is so difficult to compare climbers and climbs that to rank people by their logbooks seems nonsensical to us at UKC.

Right then - here's the page: Top Ascents - are you on it?!

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This has been read 9,226 times