The BMC Access Team: Live on UKC

by Alan James - UKC Nov/2010
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The BMC Access Team of Elfyn Jones, Cath Flitcroft and Rob Dyer

Access and Conservation is one of the most important aspects of the BMC's work.

The BMC Access Team of Cath Flitcroft, Rob Dyer and Elfyn Jones on UKC to answer your questions.

Please use this opportunity:

- What do the BMC Access Team do?

- What is the BMC's policy on crag ownership?

- Where does Access get its funding from?

- What can you do to help?

... or ask questions about a particular crag or climbing area.

In this article, The BMC Access Team: Introducing Cath, Rob and Elfyn Dr. Cath Flitcroft gives us some background on herself and the rest of the team.

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This has been read 3,912 times