9a FA by Ramonet

by Björn Pohl - UKC Nov/2010
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Just back from the WC in China, where he placed a for him I suspect disappointing 4th, Ramon Julian Puigblanque got his revange by making the FA of Duele la realidad extension at Oliana, Spain. The original route was put up by Markus Bock early this year and was, because of it's relative shortness, ~20m, an anomaly at Oliana were big rigs is the standard. An anomaly that needed to be corrected as it were.

Ramon's extended version stands 50 m tall and bumps the grade up from 8c+ to 9a.

Ramon Julian Puigblanque on Duele la realidad, 9a
© M. Alba

Ramon is sponsored by: Tenaya, Beal, Trango world and Top 30

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This has been read 7,574 times