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by Björn Pohl - UKC Jan/2011
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Very soon, Alizée Dufraisse is going to try something, if not new, then at least out of the ordinary. She is tagging along the Euro-posse to Bishop, Californ.I.A. for some serious bouldering.

Whether this step will prove significant in some way will be revealed sooner or later (he said with a mysterious smile).

For those of you who feel unsure about what Alizée usually does, here's a video of her climbing Renegoide, 8b+, at Siurana, Spain.

And here's one of Markus Jung doing A Muerte, 9a, at the same place, but not at the same time.

Source: Alizée's blog

Alizée is sponsored by: Petzl, Five ten, Expression and Beal

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This has been read 8,495 times