True North (8c) for Alan Cassidy

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Jun/2011
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Alan Cassidy trying True North (8c) at Kilnsey back in 2007!, 172 kb
Alan Cassidy trying True North (8c) at Kilnsey back in 2007!
© Pete O'Donovan
Despite damp conditions at Kilnsey Crag in Yorkshire, Alan Cassidy ticked True North (8c).

Alan reported on his blog:

"I pulled my finger out and got it done in less than perfect conditions, drying holds before attempts and getting resourceful in my hold drying methods (I might be looking for a tampon sponsor). 

True North is now my 6th (or 7th) route graded 8c and I think it fits in quite neatly among routes like Rollito-Sharma Extension in terms of difficulty (i.e. low/mid 8c)."

Alan also went on to break a few hearts by suggesting a downgrade for the popular Malham Cove 8c Unjustified:

"...I knew at the time I did it that it all went too easy to be 8c given my form at the time and True North, by no means a hard 8c confirms it; Unjustified is a good grade easier.  If Cry Freedom remains at 8b+ then even that grade may seem a bit much.

So there we go, somebody has done it, stepped up to take the flack and (with no malice intended) shatter a few egos.  Maybe I'm wrong and it sure as hell doesn't matter one bit.  It is still a fantastic climb..."

Read Alan's full write-up on his blog

Have you done or tried Unjustified? If so why not vote on the grade in the UKC Logbooks!

Alan Cassidy is sponsored by Podsacs and CragX

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This has been read 6,751 times