Climbing with Maya - Video Series starting today

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Oct/2011
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Later today we have a new video series about to hit UKC. 'Climbing with Maya' is a short 6 episode series following Bristol based climber Maya Holding as she hits her local crag of Cheddar and makes a couple of trips down to Portland.

This isn't a high-flying, high-budget super-production, this is a normal, everyday climber doing what we all do - going climbing. But what this series does capture is the struggle, the joy and the just plain fun of getting out on the rock.

Maya is breaking in to the seventh grade - attempting a few 7as and 7a+s. The series follows her progress on the routes as she gets closer to redpoint time. Will she crack one of them? We'll have to wait and see.

Episode 1 will be shown in the Friday Night Video slot today at 5pm. The next 5 episodes will be on next week from Monday to Friday, also at 5pm.

The series is shot and edited by Adrian Samarra. You can read more about Adrian below.

Watch the trailer:

Adrian Samarra, 200 kb
About Adrian Samarra:

Adrian Samarra is a freelance multimedia producer, passionate about the outdoors and adventure. He can offer a variety of bespoke media services and specialises in location camera work and editing.

For more details on Adrian's services and examples of his work, visit his website at

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This has been read 11,933 times