Guigui does Satan i helvete bas, 8B+

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jan/2012
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Guillaume Glairon Mondet, 67 kb
Guillaume Glairon Mondet
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Colder and drier conditions have reached Fontainebleau, and the send train is once again rolling.
Guillaume Glairon-Mondet, or Guigui, has repeated Satan i helvete bas, 8B+, at Coquibus Longs Vaux.

According to Guigui, as well as other repeaters, the "bas"-version is far better and more logical than the "assis"-version.

He really has to make the best of the conditions at hand as he has only got 3 days to climb before the next French cup competition, and the projects he has got in mind aren't exactly easy the main objective being The Big island, 8C.

Mr Mondet is one of the competitors in the Tierra Boulder Battle in Stockholm 24 March.

Guillaume Glairon Mondet is sponsored by:

Mad Rock and Snap

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This has been read 3,332 times