New 8B+ by Ty Landman

by Björn Pohl - UKC May/2012
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Tyler Landman, 126 kb
Tyler Landman
© Keith Bradbury (still from between the trees)

One of the best ways of getting publicity is probably to say you don't want any.

On that note, under the radar hero Tyler Landman has managed to make the first ascent of a project said to be one of the hardest in the North East, somewhere in Connecticut.

Phillip Schaal went out with him the other day:
He [Tyler] was very close and then the weather shifted. Temps went from 50's to the 80's. We were thinking that anything that might have gone down would have to wait until next fall. But on this day something changed. Conditions went from a jungle feeling to a cold windy fall day. Without any plans we headed out and Ty capitalized on the weather which was a gift from the gods. No name yet but the grade is in the 8B+ range!!!!

Caroline Treadway recently made an interview with the man.

Tyler Landman is sponsored by: Five Ten, Moon and Metolius

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This has been read 4,773 times