First 8c for Ed Hamer

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Jun/2012
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Young British climber Ed Hamer has just had a quick sport climbing trip to Spain where he came away with his first 8c route.

Ed Hamer on Migranya Profunda, 8b+, Siurana, one of many hard routes he ticked in a week long trip., 190 kbEd Hamer on Migranya Profunda, 8b+, Siurana, one of many hard routes he ticked in a week long trip.
© Ed Hamer Collection

Ed Hamer in Siurana, 2012, 261 kbEd Hamer in Siurana, 2012
© Ed Hamer Collection
Ed fills us in:

'I have just returned from a great trip to Spain. I spent a week in Margalef and then went over to Siurana for a couple of days to end the trip off. I hadI wanted to try.

I wanted to crack a new grade category and was successful in doing so with a send of L'espiadimonis 8c/+. already been to both of the crags some years ago so had some specific routes Another route that stood out amongst the others was a route called Doble Lluna, originally graded 8b/+ but I was informed afterwards that a hold had broken off, bumping it up to top end 8b+ possibly 8c?

We had 10 days of amazing weather, sometimes it was a little too hot but this meant climbing in the mornings and evenings. After spending 6 days in Margalef on pockets, my skin was thinning and I needed to pinch and crimp a few holds for a change. Hence my move to Siurana.'

Ed's 8 day trip included: 

Siurana - L'escamarla 7c+ (os), Peixa 7c+ (os), Gigololo 8a+ (2nd go), Cop de Cigala 8a+ (2nd go), Migranya Profunda 8b+ (2nd go), 

Margalef – El Allento Del Dragon 8a (2nd go), Aeroplastica Extension 8a (os), Vertigen 8a (2nd go), El fustigador 8a+, Absolut 8a+, Deverse Cordes 8a+ (os), El Mananeo 8b (2nd go), Doble Lluna 8b+, L'espiadimonis 8c.'

Ed Hamer is sponsored by Wild Country , Red Chili , Moon, Sherpa Adventure Gear

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