FRI NIGHT VID: The Ascent of Mt. Pomiu, China

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Sep/2012
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This Friday it's a real cracker. The Climbing of Mt. Pomiu, China is a short video of Xiao He, Lie Feng, and Wu Xiang climbing the Chinese big wall of Mt. Pomiu, via a new route (The Western, VI, 1400m, 5.10a). They climbed it in in late July of this year.

"It was a tormenting 52 hours, but also an enjoyable 52 hours." Commented Xiao.

However, with local guides falling in raging rivers, rocks hitting the climbers and seriously injuring one of their legs, and other general calamities, it's quite an interesting look at a relatively unknown area. Chinese climbing - it looks cool!


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This has been read 7,542 times