Huge Avalanche on Manaslu - Nine Feared Dead

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Sep/2012
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A large serac fall high on the Nepalese peak of Manaslu has caused an avalanche that has swept away Camp 3 and also hit Camp 2. At least nine climbers are feared dead and others are missing.

It was a massive serac fall, probably 600 to 700 meters across. It's a war zone up here.

Glen Plake talking to EpicTV

Among those caught in the avalanche are extreme skiers Glen Plake and Rémy Lécluse. Plake is alive and well and has reported back about the incident to EpicTV:

"It was a major, major accident. There are up to 14 people missing. There were 25 tents at Camp 3 [6800m] and all of them were destroyed, 12 tents at Camp 2 [6300m] were banged up and moved around...

...I was swept 300 meters over a serac and down the mountain and came to a stop still in my sleeping bag, still inside the tent, still with my headlamp on...."

Lesley Burgess below Pangpoche summit, Manaslu dominates the vista, 109 kbLesley Burgess below Pangpoche summit, Manaslu dominates the vista
© nickcanute, Apr 2011

Seven bodies have reported to have been spotted by helicopter, with at least five other climbers unaccounted for. Current reports suggest that Lécluse is still missing.

Manaslu is the eighth highest peak in the world at 8,156m. According to data in the Himalaya by Numbers document compiled by Elizabeth Hawley, Manaslu ranks as the third deadliest 8000m peak based on attempts and ascents between 1950 and 2006, with 41 deaths out of 1259 climbers.

The location of Manaslu, circled in red, 73 kbThe location of Manaslu, circled in red
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This has been read 10,754 times