FRI NIGHT VID: Cassin Ridge, Denali

by Alan James - UKC and UKH Oct/2012
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Back in July 2012, Bangor University students Tom Livingstone (21) and Tom Ripley (22) managed a number of climbs including a 2 day ascent of the classic Cassin Ridge on Denali's South Face (UKC Trip Report here).

Tom Livingstone has just finished editing this film of their ascent of the Cassin Ridge which, although slightly rough on the edges, makes for refreshing viewing.

Tom Livingstone and Tom Ripley are indebted to the following organizations, without their support the expedition would not have taken place.

Financial Support from: BMC , Mount Everest Foundation and Welsh Sports Association.

Equipment was supplied by: Anatom, Cotswolds, First Ascent and Mountain Equipment

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This has been read 8,033 times