Supertanker by Guigui Mondet

by Björn Pohl - UKC Dec/2012
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Guillaume Glairon Mondet competing in the La Sportiva Legends Only 2013, 53 kbGuillaume Glairon Mondet competing in the La Sportiva Legends Only 2013
© Lars Lindwall

Guillaume Glairon-Mondet has repeated Super tanker, 8B+, at Cuvier-Rempart, Fontainebleau. The problem, which was put up by Antoine Vandeputte, starts left of Big Golden, treverses right and finishes in Atrésie.

Guillaume did it on the first try of the day and says he is very happy about it.

In the future, Guigui would like to focus more on rock, but as he is supported by the French federation, he will be focusing on comps for the next couple of years. This won't stop him from trying the hard stuff Fontainebleau has to offer though:

My projects are Big island, Trip hop, Angama, and Mécanique elementaire... [all 8C].

Apparently a hold has been broken on Le Dernier Fléau, which also was given 8C, making it impossible to climb...
Maybe he will also have a look at Thomas Willenberg's Shiva to see if that's really possible.

The video is sponsored by: adidas, Mad Rock, Snap and AB

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This has been read 4,897 times