ROCFest Report: 2013 The Loudest Ever!

by Rock Over Climbing Feb/2013
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Dave Barrans letting rip in the finals, 82 kb
Dave Barrans letting rip in the finals
© James 'beanie' Goodwin
The ROCfest 2013 was a resounding success! The biggest climbing event Manchester has seen to date... 230 competitors thrashed it out over 30 blocs, cheered on by over 150 spectators.

Over 100 prizes were awarded for skill or just shear effort. As well as the seasoned climber, the ROCfest attracted beginners, 6 and 71-year-olds, climbing legends and the best of British and World climbers. A truly inclusive event that catered for everyone.

Alex Puccio showed us all what it takes to be world class by winning the female open, with Mina Leslie-Wujastyk coming a close 2nd. Third place Tara Hayes put on one of the most brilliant junior performances ever seen in the UK, giving the female finalists a run for their money! Showing a level of calm and professionalism way beyond that of a 15 year old, she crushed her way with grace and style through the 4 blocs set by Jamie Cassidy. Tara's remarkable display was rewarded by deafening support from the crowd.

"Sat in isolation during the Junior Finals, we could all hear the crowd roaring with excitement and we agreed that it sounded like the best atmosphere ever for a UK comp. It made us more psyched and totally raring to go!" stated Naomi Buys, female finalist.

Not to be outdone, the male finalists slugged it out in a very close final, again urged on by the electric atmosphere. Ned Feehally came out on top with a performance that oozed class, with James Garden a close second and Tom Newman third. The routes, this time by Ian Vickers, were punishing but perfectly set to provide a great spectacle. John Partridge, "The Showman", was awarded with a huge roar as he topped out his toughest route while begging the spectators for more!

The junior finalists led the afternoon with an equally amazing display of talent. Over 3 blocs they each held their nerve in front of a 300 strong crazed crowd. Jim Pope doing the rocky shuffle, Alex Waterhouse asking the crowd for more and Ellissa Bryant just being ice cool! In tight fought finals Alex Waterhouse and Ellissa Bryant came out on top. All junior finalists gave Ned Feehally and Alex Puccio a glimpse of the professionals of the future!

Alex Puccio cruising to the womens title, 64 kb
Alex Puccio cruising to the womens title
© James 'beanie' Goodwin

As ever the Rock Over crowd rewarded effort and style with deafening support, helping the finalist find the courage to dig deep and put on their best performances.

This fantastic film gives you a feel for the great crowd and legendary climbers you encounter at the ROCfest

Adult Open Final Results

Adult Open Male Adult Open Female

1. Ned Feehally 1. Alex Puccio
2. James Garden 2. Mina Leslie-Wujastyk
3. Tom Newmann 3. Tara Hayes
4. John Partridge 4. Leah Crane
5. Dave Barrans 5. Diane Merrick
6. Nathan Phillips 6. Naomi Buys

Junior 11-15 Final Results

11-15 Male 11-15 Female

1. Alex Waterhouse 1. Ellissa Bryant
2. Luke Murphy 2. Sidonie Graham
3. Jim Pope 3. Becky Whaley
4. Sam Roberts 4. Alexia Basch

Click here for full results

Ellissa Bryant junior female winner, 63 kb
Ellissa Bryant junior female winner
© James 'beanie' Goodwin
Jon Partridge giving 200% what does it take to win?, 45 kb
Jon Partridge giving 200% what does it take to win?
© James 'beanie' Goodwin

Our amazing sponsors DMM, Evolv, Metolius, Alpkit, Helly Hansen, Booker, Bare Bones Clothing, Climb magazine, Hot Aches, Boreal, Pro Balm...... provided a vast array of prizes for Rock Over staff to award to climbers for simply taking part or just being brilliant.

Thanks to Rock Over Climbing staff who sweated blood and tears for months to put on this great event. Also we are grateful to the many friends who volunteered on the day. Massive thanks to Jamie Cassidy, Ian Vickers, Tom Lloyd and Brett Chapman for providing 70 blocs of world class climbing. And last but not least a huge thanks to all Rock Over Climbing's loyal customers for the great turn out and amazing support.

Comp day gallery

The ROCfest will be back in 2014 on Saturday 1st February, bigger and better than ever. So watch out as places are limited and sell out quickly!

See you in 2014

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