VIDEO: Peñoles #1 - Bouldering in Mexico

by Björn Pohl - UKC Feb/2013
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The crew at Peñoles, Mexico, 109 kb
The crew at Peñoles, Mexico
© Clément Perotti/Sandstones Media

Shortly after New year's, Nalle Hukkataival and a strong crew packed up their things and left Hueco for an adventure into Mexico. The goal was to explore what the Peñoles had to offer.

As it turned out, the area had almost unlimited amounts of unclimbed high quality rock and heaps of futuristic lines just waiting for world class boulderers like Nalle to put their hands on.

The result was a number of proud new lines, including a couple of 8B+'s.

Here is the first video in a series of three from Clément Perotti/Sandstones Media. Enjoy!

Nalle Hukkataival is sponsored by: Black Diamond and La Sportiva

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This has been read 5,708 times