VIDEO: Oli Grounsell - The Zone (E9) - With Falls

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Mar/2013
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Oli Grounsell has made a headpoint repeat of The Zone (E9 6c) at Curbar in the Peak District.

Oli Grounsell on The Zone (E9 6c), Curbar, 203 kb
Oli Grounsell on The Zone (E9 6c), Curbar
© Guy Van Greuning (Still from video)

The route was first climbed by John Arran and has seen numerous repeats over the past decade.

Oli took a couple of falls on to tensioned down skyhooks before his successful ascent.

He commented on his blog:

"It was between these blizzards that I climbed The Zone in cool march sunshine. It all went so smoothly in the end, like it always does. Didn't have any expectations when I woke up to the tundra that morning, so it was even better to eventually do it. So good to top out, but as I topped out I almost wished I was still on the crux, as the process was at the end of the day, good fun."

All the action is captured in this video:

Oli Grounsell is sponsored by Mammut and V12 OUTDOOR


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This has been read 12,353 times