FRI NIGHT VID: Brown, Whillans and Fawcett

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Mar/2013
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This week several exceptional videos have cropped up on Youtube, and have been discussed in the UKC forums already.

First up is a 1984 clip of Don Whillans and Joe Brown climbing Cemetery Gates (E1) on Dinas Cromlech in the Llanberis Pass.

Tragically this was Don's last major climb as he died a few months later.

Then we have a series of Ron Fawcett videos.

The first is the 1980 Rock Athlete program by Sid Perou in which Ron makes the first ascent of Lord of the Flies (E6) on Dinas Cromlech.

Then there is the Leo Dickinson film from 1984: Pushing the Limits: Extreme Rock.

[Missing video!]

And finally there is the 1984 film The Fingertip Phenomenon by Sid Perou, featuring Ron Fawcett in the Verdon Gorge, France.

All we can say is - Absolute Class. Fantastic stuff that these are online and available to view. Big thanks to those who uploaded them.

Note: Forum user 'Lagerstarfish' posted up with how these videos came to be online:

"It was me who uploaded the vids as the result of a combined effort on the mighty UKB.

This thread,21548.0.html

As I've said in the blah under the vids, I do not own any of the content and do not have any permission from the makers/owners to post them. In fact, I haven't even attempted to ask permission from the owners - because I'm lazy.

None of the films seemed to be available to buy or view anywhere else and a few people were interested in seeing them.

Of course I will remove them if the owners want me to.


Nice one Lagers and the UKB guys involved - love the vids.

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This has been read 16,349 times