Robbery In Sheffield - Moon Climbing

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Mar/2013
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The small Sheffield based company Moon climbing has been robbed. The grass roots climbing company, run by top British climbing legend Ben Moon, has had thousands of pounds of stock stolen from their premises in Sheffield over the weekend.

Ben Moon, 84 kb
Ben Moon
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Ben Moon gave us the following statement:

"Dear climbing community please keep your eyes and ears open, on Saturday the MOON warehouse in Sheffield was robbed of 3500 articles. This is a massive blow to us since it's not just our spring collection that's gone but a lot of hard work with it which makes us both sad and angry. We hope by making this public appeal the community can help us track down the criminals and recover the stolen goods. We think this was a well organized operation. If you passed by the area and noticed any thing or if you notice any thing on the internet please contact Moon Climbing or the Police."


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This has been read 11,332 times