Entlinge, ~8B+, by Nalle Hukkataival

by Björn Pohl - UKC May/2013
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Nalle Hukkataival on Entlinge, ~8B+, Murgtal, Switzerland, 109 kb
Nalle Hukkataival on Entlinge, ~8B+, Murgtal, Switzerland
© David Graham

Nalle Hukkataival has made a quick repeat of Fred Nicole's Entlinge, ~8B+, at Murgtal, Switzerland.

Nalle's basecamp is currently in the Averstal/Magic wood, where I guess he and his buddy Dave (Graham) plan to climb everything from 5+ and up.

It's been raining however. A lot.
So, instead of spending another day relaxing, true bromance style at Grand hotel Quellenhof & Spa Suites, they escaped to Murgtal.

"We drove to Murg for the day and even though the conditions were very humid"..."I quickly managed to to slide my way up Entlinge, a nice tensiony boulder from Fred!"

Nalle Hukkataival is sponsored by: Black Diamond and La Sportiva

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This has been read 4,111 times