Tierra Negra, 9a/+, by Seb Bouin

by Björn Pohl - UKC May/2013
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Seb Bouin on Tierra Negra, ~9a/+, Margalef, Spain
© Bouin coll.

Seb Bouin has made the second ascent of Chris Sharma's Tierra Negra, ~9a/+ at Margalef, Spain.

Chris made the first ascent in October last year, commenting that the route is ... a line I bolted a couple of years ago just to the right of "Era Vella". It's super beautiful but since I always have a long line of projects I had never gotten around to sending it."

After ten sessions, Seb was able to repeat this very fingery line. This marks his come back to hard routes after a finger injury that he sustained early this spring. Not a bad come back either.

Source: Kairn

S├ębastien Bouin is sponsored by: Five Ten

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This has been read 5,340 times