FRI NI VID: Alex Honnold, Johnny Dawes, Grit E9

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor May/2013
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Okay, it's a mish-mash triple bill for this week. First up is Nathan Lee's third ascent of Appointment with Death (E9 6c) at Wimberry on the gritstone.

Nathan headpointed the scary pebble pulling nightmare not long after Tom Randall made the second ascent. These two ascents are around ten years after Sam Whittaker pioneered this well known project.

Here he is:

Second up is a cool interview with Johnny Dawes, the man the myth the legend.

And finally, here's something we liked - an advert (yes it is an advert) with Alex Honnold. In this advert for Goal Zero, Alex solos the super classic Fine Jade (5.11) on the Rectory in Castle Valley, Utah, near Moab, USA. Perhaps a bit cheesy, but still, 5.11 soloing plus a rock climber making a real living from his climbing. Are we in a new era?

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This has been read 17,810 times