Nuthin' but sunshine, 8B, FF(F)A by Shauna Coxsey

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jun/2013
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Shauna Coxsey and Colorado slopers, 84 kb
Shauna Coxsey and Colorado slopers
© Dave Barrans

By repeating David Graham's 2000-test piece Nuthin' but sunshine at the Lower chaos of the Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, Shauna Coxsey has become one of very few women to have climbed font 8B.

Shauna was there with Alex Puccio and Angela Payne, so the race for who could make the first female (free) ascent was on. Alex had been close before, and according to The Narc, who happened to be there, she was on this occasion as well, but the strong Briton managed to grab the ascent, and Alex will have to wait a bit.

The knee trouble that has been bothering Shauna lately didn't seem to stop her much and who knows, soon the hunt to become the second ever woman, after Tomoko Ogawa, to climb a confirmed 8B+ could be on. Not that grades are at all important...

There is plenty of time though, so maybe that can wait till after the World Cup final in Munich and then the Eurochamps in Eindhoven.

Shauna Coxsey is sponsored by: adidas, Five Ten, Craggy Island

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This has been read 33,642 times