Emma Twyford onsights Pretty Girls Make Graves (E6)

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Jul/2013
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Emma happy having just onsighted her first E6, 'Pretty Girls Make Graves', 174 kb
Emma happy having just onsighted her first E6, 'Pretty Girls Make Graves'
© Miles Hill

Emma Twyford recently made a very rare onsight of Pretty Girls Make Graves, E6 6b, on the Gravestones Wall of Cwm Glas Bach, in the Llanberis Pass. 

Emma has recently been on a trad mission, having previously focused on sport climbing and bouldering, she has recently been getting back into trad and exploring the wide variety that North Wales has to offer. Other routes Emma has been trying are a close attempt at a flash of Kaya, E7 6b, and an attempt at Strawberries, E6/7 6b.

This, Emma's first E6 onsight is the product of her getting back into trad climbing and putting her impressive sport climbing ability to good use, racking up a number of classic E4 and E5 ticks throughout the UK, including; Ressurrection, E4 6a, Right Wall, E5 6a, John Wayne and Get Some In, both E5 6a. 

Emma had the following to say about her ascent:

"Whilst not being mega newsworthy, especially in comparison to other climbing achievements in the last week, I guess this is more of a personal achievement. I've only really got back into trad climbing in the last year or so and have been happily consolidating at E4/5 so I wanted to have a go at onsighting E6. I picked Pretty Girls Make Graves, as it is well protected but I also knew it had a reputation for being fierce and has scalped a few good climbers on the onsight attempt. I was pretty nervous about blowing it and spent a long time on the route getting mega pumped but was really pleased to win the battle and make it to the top for my first E6 onsight... I thought about what happened on Kaya so fought all the way up and concentrated 'til the end... It definitely isn't over until the fat lady sings!"

Emma on her onsight ascent of 'Pretty Girls Make Graves', E6 6b
© Miles Hill

Emma Twyford is sponsored by: Five Ten, Mountain Hardwear and DMM

Emma is also a climbing coach and route-setter, you can find out more about her at EmmaTwyford.com


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This has been read 11,728 times