Silbergeier 8b+ MP by Pouvreau

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jul/2013
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Gérôme Pouvreau on Silbergeier, 123 kb
Gérôme Pouvreau on Silbergeier
© Coll. Pouvreau

Gérôme Pouvreau has made a quick ascent of Beat Kammerlander's classic Silbergeier at Rätikon, Switzerland.

Silbergeier's 240m is divided into six pitches of 8b, 7c+, 8a+, 7a+, 8b+ and 7c and the climbing is extremely technical more or less the whole way.

Gérôme, who climbed the route together with Florence Pinet, worked pitches 1-3 the first day, 3-5 the second, and then rested and ate a lot on the third.

On the fourth day, he redpointed the route after falling once (after both cruxes) on the 8b+, and once on the last pitch, which he hadn't tried at all before.

Part of the reason he could do it so quickly is they were "guided" by Nina Caprez who did it a couple of years ago.

Later this time Gérôme and Flo plan to return. Then it will be Flo who will be on the sharp end.

Gérôme Pouvreau is sponsored by: Petzl , Five Ten, prAna , Osprey and Climb On

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This has been read 4,876 times