VIDEO: Romain Desgranges - Digital Time

by Björn Pohl - UKC Aug/2013
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This year's European Lead climbing champion Romain Desgranges' Climbing life opus #4 is a video of him climbing the classic Digital crack, 8a, up above 3600m, just below Aiguille du midi, above Chamonix, France.

Romain is a Chamonix local but this was the first time he climbed the route:

I climbed the route one time to check the moves and warm up. It was 7am and I wasn't motivated to try on sight without warming up (to avoid injuries)! I then did it first try.
It's a nice route, not so hard for climber's who like crimps, but the landscape is what gives this adventure 5 stars!

Romain Desgranges is sponsored by: adidas , La Sportiva, Beal , Weleda , Snap, Expression and Power Bar

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This has been read 5,098 times