Moroni finishes up his Franken projects

by Björn Pohl - UKC Sep/2013
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Gabriele Moroni, 35 kb
Gabriele Moroni
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Gabriele Moroni's last few days in Frankenjura have been rather successful after his repeat of Classified, ~9a/+.

Interviewing Gabri after Classified, I asked him:

Alright, so do you have any projects left [in Frankenjura]?
His answer: Yeah, the Elder Statesman and another 9a called Sever the wicked hand.

Being a man of his word, he has now, four days later, repeated both of these routes!

With one 9a/+ and two 9a's in five days, stating he is in the best shape ever was no understatement.

Gabriele Moroni is sponsored by Five Ten, E9 and Petzl

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This has been read 3,225 times