Clean sweep by Megos on Kalymnos

by Björn Pohl - UKC Oct/2013
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Alexander Megos on The King of Fucking everything, ~8c, Örnberget, Sweden, 175 kbAlexander Megos on The King of Fucking everything, ~8c, Örnberget, Sweden
© Björn Pohl

During the first of two competition days at The North Face's Kalymnos climbing festival Alexander Megos made short work of the four competition routes.

Alex needed only a total of five tries to climb, an ~8a (onsight), an ~8b/+ (onsight), an ~8c/+ (2nd go) and finally an ~8b (flash). This means he had done all the project routes, which the competitors had two days to do, in a mere four hours, winning the whole thing and earning €3000.
€3000 for four hours work is certainly not a bad salary, is it? Especially so if you like what you're doing!

Alex had already spent a couple of weeks on the island before the festival and is planning to hang around a while longer too making first ascent with his friends.

Next month he makes a rare appearance in an indoor competition facing the world's best boulderers in the La Sportiva Legends Only in Stockholm.

Alexander Megos is sponsored by: Tenaya, Patagonia and DMM

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This has been read 5,877 times