Graham makes FA of Foundation's edge, ~8C, at Fionnay

by Björn Pohl - UKC Oct/2013
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David Graham on Foundation's Edge, ~8C, Fionnay, Switzerland, 119 kb
David Graham on Foundation's Edge, ~8C, Fionnay, Switzerland
© Fred Moix

David Graham has made the first ascent of Foundation's edge, ~8C, his long standing king line project at Fionnay, near Verbier, Switzerland.

After the Sisu Masters, Dave stayed in Helsinki for a few days planning to finish the Globalist, 8B+, but the weather didn't cooperate and it wasn't to be.

Instead, he headed south to Switzerland where he had unfinished business in the form of a long steep project at Fionnay.

First, the weather twarted his attempts once again as it started snowing and it seemed winter had already arrived, but then things changed for the better and he managed to make the first ascent of Foundation's edge

Dave says he is super happy, and "syked" obviously, this went down, and that this thing is hard, really hard, 8C for sure.
However, he is not yet quite finished with the line as there is a low start to be done. This would add 10 moves and weigh around ~8B+/C in it's own right.
According to Dave, the whole line would probably add up to a ~30 move 8C+ or 9A!

And it feels possible?
Yes! Fits me really well!
Gonna do this one. Need to train on it though.
Super resistant!!!
And steep
Bad grips
Big positions
Amazing sequence

It's crazy, haha!

Before he continues the work at Fionnay he has business to attend to in Averstal and Valle Bavona. First on the list is trying Woods' La Force tranquille, as well as Sharma's Practice of the wild and Robinson's The Ill trill, all ~8C, at Magic Wood. At the moment though, everything is wet due to melting snow and condensation. Not ideal.

Like Dave would say. Onwards!

Photo by Fred Moix

David Graham is sponsored by: Walltopia, Trangoworld,Beal, Five Ten and Petzl

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This has been read 13,242 times