Woods climbs The Ice knife sds. ~8C(?)

by Björn Pohl - UKC Nov/2013
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Daniel Woods on The Wheel of Wolvo, ~8C, Lincoln Lake, Mt Evans, CO, 110 kb
Daniel Woods on The Wheel of Wolvo, ~8C, Lincoln Lake, Mt Evans, CO
© Daniel Woods' Instagram

Courtney Sanders writes on facebook Daniel Woods has made the first ascent of The Ice knife sds at Guanella Pass, Colorado.

The Ice knife was put up Dave Graham two years ago as an 8C, but now it seems to have settled around "hard 8B+" or so.
The sit start, which according to Paul Robinson who made the 3rd ascent, ...adds some pump and spice to it. should definitely bump the grade up at least one notch. Especially so as it's apparently is Daniel's hardest problem to date:

So so so so excited for Daniel! Today he sent his hardest boulder to date! Ice knife sit start. So admirable how many days you can drive 2 hrs and sit under the same boulder and fall on almost every move.

It seems he needed 13 days of effort.

Speaking of hardest boulders, I actually asked Daniel about that back in January. Now, he has admittedly done one or two problems since, but at the time the top five looked like this:

1. La Force Tranquille, 8C, Magic Wood
2. Hypnotized Minds 8C, RMNP
3.The Game, 8C, Boulder Canyon
4. Monkey Wedding, 8C, Rocklands
5. Witness the Fitness, 8C, Arkansas

An educated guess says Hydrangea, Delirium and perhaps The bridge of ashes have probably made it onto the list by now as, of course, The Ice knife sds.
Whether it creeps into ~8C+ territory remains to be seen, but it must be a close call.

Here is a video of Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson making the 2nd and 3rd ascents of the original problem.

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: The North Face, La Sportiva, Organic, Petzl, Sanuk, Life Sport, Native Eyewear and Nicros,

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This has been read 6,163 times