Major Rockfall in Vivian Slate Quarry

by Mark Reeves Nov/2013
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There has been a major rockfall in the Vivian Quarry close to Llanberis. The routes that have been directly affected are To Bolt or Not To Be (2 in topo below), Bobby’s Groove (3), Weetabix Connection (4) and The Golden Shower (5). The lower offs for the first two routes are intact and damage to the climbing is likely to be small. The start and finish to Weetabix Connection and Golden Shower look to be more seriously affected and may no longer be climbable.

I have inspected the damage and spoken to the Ken Latham from Park Padarn Country Park. It seems that early on Monday morning (4th Nov) a large section of cliff fell down, an estimated 110 tonnes of rock. This has effected nearly all the route on the Poolside Level for the time being. Although it is possible to climb routes right on Mental Lentils. 

Vivian rockfall before - topo from North Wales Climbs, 168 kb
Vivian rockfall - after, 85 kb

In an effort to keep everyone safe, Park Padarn has erected a temporary fence to stop anyone accessing the level beyond Mental Lentils. Ken, one of the Head Warden’s at Park Padarn who is also a climber, asked that all climbers refrain from crossing this temporary fence as there are real concerns that the rock left is still very unstable. 

Vivian rockfall fence, 178 kb
The temporary fence blocking the lower levels

The Park are hoping that the area will stabilise itself over the coming weeks and they will be able to remove the fence and let climbers make their own judgements.

So in summary best to avoid the Poolside Level of Vivian for the time being, that is routes from Pool Level to Dwarf Level in this listing.

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This has been read 10,716 times