Daniel Woods admits defying gravity

by Björn Pohl - UKC Nov/2013
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Daniel Woods on Defying Gravity, ~8C, Thunder Ridge, CO, 94 kbDaniel Woods on Defying Gravity, ~8C, Thunder Ridge, CO
© Cameron Maier/Daniel Woods (Instagram)

Daniel Woods has made the first ascent of Defying gravity, ~8C, at Thunder Ridge in South Platte, Colorado.

According to an interview with Max Krimmer on B3 Bouldering, Daniel did the problem after four days of work.

According to the same interview, the 25ft ~60 degree problem breaks down into two dynos, an ~8B+ followed by an ~8A/+.
Daniel however, being too short to do the first dyno, had to use an alternative method involving a slopey pinch, so for him it's more like an ~8C into an ~8A/+.

Applying the standard formula [8C + X = 8C] we quickly arrive at the correct grade.

Should be around 8C, no?

On Instagram, he writes the problem has some explosive moves and that it's For sure in my top 3 list of best boulders that I have done.

Recently, Daniel also made the first ascent of The Ice knife sds another ~8C [8A+ + 8B+/C = 8C]. In all fairness, he did tell R & I this one could potentially break into ~8C+ territory.

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: The North Face, La Sportiva, Organic, Petzl, Sanuk, Life Sport, Native Eyewear and Nicros,

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This has been read 5,484 times