Crowds Gather for Ascent of Christmas Crack

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Dec/2013
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Our reservation, 149 kb
Our reservation
© Rob Turnbull

With the lull in between the storms arriving on Christmas Day this year, a large crowd gathered to climb Christmas Crack, HS 4a, at Stanage Popular this year, lead by a particularly grumpy party, in seasonal dress.

For many, an ascent of Christmas Crack is a tradition that, weather-permitting, they climb the route on Christmas day, and as such there is often a lot of people gathered there on Christmas day, with people sharing festive cheer to other Christmas Crack ascensionists.

Rob Turnbull, manager of Outside Ltd takes up this year's story:

There was an extra large turn out to the ever popular Christmas Crack at Stanage this Christmas day, due to the calm and dry weather between all the recent storms. On arrival at the crag we found a sign in the crack (held in by wooden chocks) that read "Reserved for the Large & Loud Grumpy Party - 11am" that had been placed there by my Dad's (Dick Turnbull) friend Gordon the previous day!

As usual banter was rife, mulled wine was flowing and the mince pies were being handed all around. We waited for the 2 parties before us to quickly climb the route and then, not too much after 11am, Dad lead the route allowing the remaining 7 of us to quickly tie in to the rope and finish the grumpy party's stint on the crag. The sign was then removed and we all made our way back down for carols in the Scotsman's Pack in Hathersage.

It is always a great morning with fantastic representation of local characters, my brother, James, being one of them climbed the route in his Rudolf the Reindeer onesie!

Christmas Crack Crowds, 129 kb
Christmas Crack Crowds
© Rob Turnbull
Gordon, the sign writer!, 142 kb
Gordon, the sign writer!
© Rob Turnbull
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