VIDEO: Stamina Training with Tom Randall

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Mar/2014
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Tom Randall's Stamina Training, 81 kb

Circuit Boards are cropping up in more and more climbing walls around the country, mainly as form of training for route climbers who want something that requires no belaying, low fuss and quick fitness hit. Wild Country have teamed up with The Climbing Station and Tom Randall to create a video series to help you train effectively for the year's climbing.

In this video, Tom Randall from The Climbing Station will be taking you through some exercises to train stamina on a circuit board. You will be able to take these principles to any circuit board at almost any angle and get the most out of your training!

Stamina Principles:

  1. Low intensity climbing, high volume, short rests.
  2. Train at different intensities: vary the pump level. 
  3. Be prepared to drop your grades so you can increase the amount of climbing. 
  4. Use low intensity stamina training as a form of recovery.

Gracie Martin training stamina on a circuit board, 82 kb
Gracie Martin training stamina on a circuit board
© Lois Frost

High Intensity Stamina:

  1. Vary the intensity and aim to work on steeper walls. 
  2. Don't let the pump level get out of control.
  3. You should feel out of breath

Low Intensity Stamina:

  1. Keep the intensity consistently low. 
  2. Keep the pump level very low.
  3. You should feel very comfortable and be able to carry out a normal conversation without feeling out of the breath.

If you have any questions regarding training stamina on circuit boards, Tom will be online between 8pm and 9pm tonight to answer your questions in the thread below.

Tom Randall is sponsored by: Climb On, Five Ten, Rab, Sterling Rope and Wild Country

Tom is also a Director of The Climbing Station

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This has been read 11,562 times