Martin Keller does it again - Nike, ~8B+

by Björn Pohl - UKC May/2014
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Martin Keller on Nike, ~8B+, Brione, Switzerland, 208 kb
Martin Keller on Nike, ~8B+, Brione, Switzerland
© Angela Wagner

Martin Keller has made the first ascent of Nike, one of the oldest undone projects left at Brione, Ticino.

Martin says it sits in the middle of a lot of classic problems and has been tried by many and thought to be impossible. But that made it even more appealing.

The puzzle was solved by Martin and a friend already back in 2008, resulting in the first, and so far only, ascent of Supertussi, ~8B, the followwing year.
However, the line he originally wanted to climb still eluded him... And so it did until now, when he, aided by perfect friction managed to make the first ascent of Nike

It is possible to start lower and reach the current starting position via a couple of "heinous one finger locks", but as Martin puts it ...I need to work on my pain tolerance, get a sponsorship from Ibuprofen and I may have to visit the "wide boyz" to get some proper finger crack training as well...

Sounds to me as though he will definitely be back soon!

Full story on Martin's blog, photo by Angela Wagner

Martin Keller is sponsored by: Moon

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This has been read 5,093 times