FRI NIGHT VID: Yosemite Trailer & IFSC Slow Moments

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Jun/2014
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This Friday we bring you a double bill; a trailer for an exciting new film about the development of the climbing culture in Yosemite. We also have some brilliant slow-motion footage from the IFSC World Cup in Vail, Colorado.

The first video; "Valley Uprising" is from Sender films and looks at how climbing developed from the underground counter-culture of the 70s and 80s to the 'sport' that it is today.

The second video; "Slow Moments" from Louder Than 11 films, is a collection of slow-motion clips of the IFSC World Cup round in Vail Colorado. The film includes some great footage of our own competition star Shauna Coxsey, who is currently out in China defending her first place in the World Cup. 

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This has been read 6,064 times