Becoming, 9a+, by Markus Bock

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jun/2014
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Markus Bock on Becoming, 9a+, Burggrub, Frankenjura, 96 kbMarkus Bock on Becoming, 9a+, Burggrub, Frankenjura
© Bock coll.

Mr Frankenjura himself, Markus Bock, has made the first ascent of Becoming, 9a+, at Burggrub, Frankenjura.

The new route is an alternative harder start to Markus' own The Elder Statesman, 9a, and had been a project of his since three years.
According to Markus, this it's one of his hardest routes ever, if not THE hardest. On his Top 100 Frankenjura-list, he ranks it as #2, between Corona and Alex Megos' recently opened Modified (which he hasn't done).

Markus Bock is sponsored by: Beal, ClifBar, Glorify, La Sportiva, Marmot, Metolius and Moon

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This has been read 4,754 times