VIDEO: Scarred for life, ~8B+, by Nils Favre

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jul/2014
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In early June, Nils Favre managed to make the first repeat of Dave Graham's Scarred for life, ~8B+, at Fionnay, Switzerland.

The problem was put up by Dave in 2006, but it took until now before Nils could make the second ascent. Whether this is because this is a very hard 8B+ or if it has more to do with the line often being wet (if that's the case), I have no idea. I mean we all know 8B+ is the kind of grade which should be repeated in a few goes, don't we...

Recently, Nils has been on a trip to Hoya Moros, Spain, where he made a lot of hard repeats, including two ~8B+'s, Indartsu and Aurora sd.

Nils Favre is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Lapis, Look Montagne and Millet

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This has been read 3,713 times