Access Updates for Lundy and Portland

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Jul/2014
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Satan's Slip, 165 kb
Satan's Slip
© AndrewHuddart, Aug 2009
Some of the bird bans on Lundy have been extended to allow the young seabirds time to leave their nests in Jenny's Cove and Big Zawn. In addition to this we have updates on the rockfall situation on both Lundy and Portland, caused by this winter's storms.

Much of Lundy's climbing is restricted up to this time of year due to bird bans, which are flexible to allow the important breeding colonies on the island time to successfully raise up their young.

Beccy MacDonald, the warden for Lundy has emailed a warning that Guillemots, Fulmars and Puffins are still present in Jenny's Cove, in addition to this, Kittiwakes are also still nesting in Big Zawn and could also be still nesting in other zawns. 

A survey will be carried out on July 31st and a full report on crags that are still banned will be posted soon after.

UPDATE: Jenny’s Cove is now open, however Big Zawn and Grand Falls Zawn will remain closed. Please avoid any Kittiwake or Fulmar nests that are outside of these areas and inform the Wardens of any areas which you feel should be closed.

In addition to this, for those people that are due to be heading out to the island soon, the Climbers Club have published a supplement that as well as giving details of new routes, also gives details of a number of rock falls that have occurred on the West Coast of the island in the winter's storms. This can be found here.

On Portland, Ben Stokes has reported that the left side of the cave at Too Funky Beach is at risk of collapsing. Only the extended boulder problem Up, Up and Away, will be affected by this. However Ben is advising people stay clear of the area as it could collapse at anytime.

Storm Damage to First (Too Funky) Beach, 185 kb
Storm Damage to First (Too Funky) Beach
© Ben Stokes, Feb 2014


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