VIDEO: Adam Ondra - Illusionist, 9a, Flatanger

by Björn Pohl - UKC Sep/2014
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From Petr Pavlicek comes this short movie featuring Adam Ondra bolting and making the first ascent of Illusionist, 9a, at Flatanger, Norway.

Bit of a spoiler maybe, but yeah, he climbs it in the end after quite a struggle. There's quite obviously a huge difference between the kind of 9a's Adam is able to onsight and this, very bouldery kind which I suspect no one will be able to onsight in the foreseeable future, whatever that means.

Flatanger looks like a nice place to spend a climbing vacation, whether you're Adam Ondra or not. This is probably a good thing for the tourism business in the area as I don't think Adam is the big spender type of guy.

Recently he won the World Bouldering championships in Munich and soon he'll try to do the same at the Lead Championships in Gijon.

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Beal, Black Diamond, Entre-Prises, Hudy Sports, La Sportiva and Montura

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This has been read 5,895 times