NEWS - IFSC Boulder World Cup: Meiringen Report

by Natalie Berry - UKC 10/Apr/2017
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Despite the ongoing IFSC and Flosports livestreaming debacle, the 2017 IFSC Boulder World Cup kicked off in Meiringen, Switzerland and was free to watch live on Youtube as a compromise whilst discussions continue. Great Britain's Shauna Coxsey bounced back to form following her recovery from shoulder surgery at the end of last season, taking the win with a very convincing lead ahead of her competitors. The Japanese team continued their meteoric rise ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with one third of the finalists representing Japan and Kokoro Fujii taking Gold.

Shauna Coxsey returns to form after her injury, 158 kbShauna Coxsey returns to form after her injury
© Eddie Fowke/IFSC

Having topped the qualification rankings and placed third in the semi-finals, Shauna looked composed throughout the competition, but truly came into her own in the final - topping all four problems. Austria's Katharina Sauerwein placed 2nd, topping two out of the four boulders. Notable absences from the final were Japan's Akiyo Noguchi - who narrowly missed out on semi-finals in 21st place - and multi-World Cup winner Anna Stohr who finished 43rd.

Commenting on Facebook, Shauna was elated with her win:

In the Men's event, the difficulty of the final problems resulted in few tops. Kokoro Fujii's quick flash of problem three secured him the win ahead of Russia's Alexei Rubtsov and his Japanese teammate Keita Watabe. Half of the men's final field were Japanese, with a staggering nine Japanese competitors in total making the top 30 rankings.

The next round will take place in Chongqing, China on 22nd-23rd April followed by Nanjing the next weekend.


Regarding the livestreaming debate, it is not yet clear if and how the deal will be renegociated or how the following rounds will be broadcast, although it appears that a subscription will still be necessary for livestreams and replays whatever happens. Creator of the petition against the deal with Flosports, Peter Crane has found the IFSC to be evasive in their responses and has updated the petition - which now stands at over 12,000 signatories - with the following blog post. Read his opinion piece for UKC. Competitors staged a protest during the opening ceremony at Meiringen, where they held up red cards to garner the attention of the IFSC.


1Shauna CoxseyGBR3t7 3b74t10 4b8
2Katharina SaurweinAUT2t3 3b82t6 3b13
3Miho NonakaJPN4t9 4b91t2 3b6
4Stasa GejoSRB3t5 3b31t3 3b3
5Petra KlinglerSUI2t2 4b91t3 2b3
6Janja GarnbretSLO3t9 3b70t 2b4
7Michaela TracyGBR2t4 3b7 
8Fanny GibertFRA2t6 4b8 
9Sol SaKOR2t7 2b3 
10Andrea KüminSUI1t1 4b13 
11Manon HilyFRA1t1 3b8 
12Hannah MeulGER1t1 2b2 
13Alma BestvaterGER1t1 2b6 
14Mei KotakeJPN1t2 2b2 
15Chloe CaulierBEL1t2 2b3 
16Katja KadicSLO0t 2b2 
17Hung Ying LeeTPE0t 2b5 
18Sierra Blair-CoyleUSA0t 2b6 
19Vita LukanSLO0t 2b7 
20Megan MascarenasUSA0t 1b1 
27Leah CraneGBRQual' 2t5 4b8
71Tara HayesGBRQual' 0t 2b4

Full results

1Kokoro FujiiJPN2t5 4b91t1 3b6
2Aleksei RubtsovRUS3t9 4b51t2 2b8
3Keita WatabeJPN2t7 4b51t3 2b12
4Rei SugimotoJPN3t7 4b71t5 3b7
5Jernej KruderSLO2t4 4b40t 2b3
6David FirnenburgGER2t3 4b90t 1b4
7Gabriele MoroniITA2t7 3b5 
8Rolands RugensLAT1t1 4b6 
9Yoshiyuki OgataJPN1t1 4b7 
10Sergii TopishkoUKR1t2 4b9 
11Nicolas PelorsonFRA1t3 4b13 
12Jongwon ChonKOR1t3 3b3 
13Jan HojerGER1t4 4b7 
14Dmitrii SharafutdinovRUS0t 4b10 
15Gholamali BaratzadehIRI0t 4b17 
16Mickael MawemFRA0t 3b5 
17Manuel CornuFRA0t 3b7 
17Martin StranikCZE0t 3b7 
19Meichi NarasakiJPN0t 3b10 
20Thilo Jeldrik SchröterNOR0t 3b13 
33Nathan PhillipsGBRQual' 3t8 3b7
35William RidalGBRQual' 3t5 4b5
49Tyler LandmanGBRQual' 3t14 5b11
57Matthew CousinsGBRQual' 2t6 5b10
65Orrin ColeyGBRQual' 2t9 2b6
102David BarransGBRQual' 0t 4b8
Full results

Watch the full finals replay below:

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