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The Newsletter is a great way for Registered Users to keep in touch with the latest happenings on the site as well as news and events important to the climbing world. It is sent out around once a week and contains the latest Climbing and Mountaineering News headlines, summarries of our latest Articles, Photos, Forum Threads and any new developments at

All Registered Users are automatically subscribed to the Newsletter but if you don't want to receive it you can easily unsubscribe via your User Options page where you can also update your email address and change between the HTML or text-only version.

You will need to register with to subscribe to the newsletter (or login if you are already registered).

Newsletter Format
The Newsletter is sent out in HTML format (email with images that looks like a web page) or as a text-only email.
You can also set up an RSS feed [XML] to alert you every time we send out a Newsletter or just view the Latest Newsletter page.

What to do if you can't READ the Newsletter
The HTML version of the Newsletter sometimes appears with broken images, or a badly formatted. To see the correct version you can view the Latest Newsletter page which is linked to at the top of the HTML email. You can receive an alert every time we send a Newsletter out by either choosing to receive the text-only version, or subscribing to the RSS feed [XML].

What to do if you can't RECEIVE the Newsletter
Some anti-spam mail filters block all HTML emails. If this is your own computer anti-spam filter then you should be able to set it not to block emails from If the Newsletter is never reaching your machine because of anti-spam filters on your ISP or server then there probably isn't much we can do about it. It is always possible to see the latest version on the Latest Newsletter page, and you can set up an RSS feed [XML] to alert you every time we send out a new Newsletter. You could also opt to receive the text-only version in your User Options page as an alert.

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