May 2003 Search News

Search News

28 May 2003

The Ring Ouzels are nesting on some of the most popular sections of Stanage. One pair have 5-day old chicks on Mississippi... Read more

27 May 2003

Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa has smashed the speed record set just three days previously by Pemba Dorjie Sherpa. On the 25 May Lhakpa... Read more

23 May 2003

25 year old Pemba Dorjie Sherpa has smashed the Everest speed record by 4 hours. He climbed from base camp to the summit in a... Read more

23 May 2003

French Alpinist Jean-Christophe Lafaille summited Dhaulagiri on 20 May, claiming his 9th 8000m peak. He left base camp on 17... Read more

22 May 2003

Unsettled weather and strong winds throughout May reminded Everest climbers that the Big One is still no pushover. When the wind... Read more

20 May 2003

With just a short time left before permits run out and the monsoon arrives, tension is high on Everest this spring. The 50th... Read more

20 May 2003

42 year old British Polar adventurer, Pen Hadow has entered the record books with the first solo, unsupported trek to the... Read more

16 May 2003

German Christian Bindhammer has succeeded in repeating Wolfgang Gullich's world famous "Action Directe" (9a) in the Frankenjura,... Read more

16 May 2003

Master's Edge at Millstone is arguably one of the most coveted routes of its grade on grit. At E7 6b, it has been screaming out... Read more

15 May 2003

2003 was always going to be a busy year on Everest, as the 50th anniversary of the first ascent drew more crowds than ever to the... Read more

13 May 2003

On Sunday 18 May at 8pm, Channel 4 are showing a docu-drama called Ascent of Mars Mountain. The programme is "a unique... Read more

12 May 2003

Nat Berry has been invited to join the Junior British Competition Climbing Team after her climbing peformance at the Team Trials... Read more

9 May 2003

Alan Hinkes has made the decision not to return to Kanchenjunga this spring, after being heicoptered out 2 weeks ago because of a... Read more

9 May 2003

The BMC have launched a 'Climbing Huts Information Project'... or 'CHIPs' to address the issues of climbers and walkers... Read more

8 May 2003 reports that Sebastien Frigault has climbed a new sit-down start to Hip-hop, at Boissy aux cailles in the forest of... Read more

1 May 2003

The North Face have announced that British Bouldering Champion Gareth Parry will become a Technical Consultant to The North... Read more