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29 Jun 2001

Marietta Uhden has become the third woman to climb F8c (US 5.14b). The German redpointed the first ascent of Sonne im Herzen (tr:... Read more

28 Jun 2001

Francois \"Big Frank\" Legrand and Yuji Hirayama, two of the best climbers around, had a project: do the really hard routes in... Read more

27 Jun 2001

People have climbed up it, skied down it - so why not now hand over Olympic torches on it? The summit of Everest - aka... Read more

26 Jun 2001

Wales has had its first outbreak in a month near the town of Libanus in the Brecons. That will almost certainly mean closure (or... Read more

24 Jun 2001

Andreas Bindhammer has made the third ascent of Shangri-la, an 8c+ in the Frankenjura which has had only 3 ascents (including... Read more

23 Jun 2001

thumb Half the footpaths in Britain are still closed, despite advice from scientists, government and anyone else with a pulse that... Read more

21 Jun 2001

Full details by Leo Houlding of his ascent in May of the Leaning Tower of Yosemite are now available. A taster:"Royal Robbins... Read more

20 Jun 2001

Steve McClure gets in touch to say that he\'s going on a world tour. That is, he\'s kicking his job and going off travelling to... Read more

20 Jun 2001

We\'ve reported before about the unknown geography student Bernd Zangerl repeating Fred Nicole\'s Dreamtime, up a smooth-looking... Read more

19 Jun 2001

The folk over at the Direttissima website have been to look at the damage to boulders in Fontainebleau: someone \"went loco\" and... Read more

19 Jun 2001

The Foreign Office says it\'s safe again to go the mountain kingdom: \"Following the killings of members of the Royal Family on... Read more

14 Jun 2001

The man himself ventured onto the Rocktalk forums to give everyone the benefit of his vision. It's a compelling read: who does he... Read more

13 Jun 2001

The outdoor industries association (OIA) says that FMD cost its members £40m in the three months to May, with some... Read more

13 Jun 2001

If you ever worried about finding bolts in your favourite boulder problem... well, that's what happened to some Aussie climbers... Read more

11 Jun 2001

thumb Andy Turner has repeated Thing on a Spring (E6 6c/7a), first put up by Simon Nadin at the Roaches Lower Tier. It's a wall climb... Read more

10 Jun 2001

Mark Lewis, aged 28, has died after falling 150ft from the Cobbler, in Scotland. Keith Wall, who was with Mark when the accident... Read more

8 Jun 2001

Dave Gregory, 67, who put up many of the grit routes that folk now do at famous Peak crags, had a serious accident at the Roaches... Read more

7 Jun 2001

Klem Loskot, who has done a few things - the occasional V14 boulder problem, an F9a here and there - has sent us some pictures... Read more

6 Jun 2001

Tim Clifford, who earlier this year repeated the Yosemite testpiece The Dominator, has continued his US tour (all mats sold out)... Read more

3 Jun 2001

A team of five students were airlifted off Aonach Eagach ridge at 10.45pm on Saturday night after contacting emergency services... Read more