July 2001 Search News

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23 Jul 2001

Right - this time we mean it. Aided by the (still) unique Jude Calvert-Toulmin, John Dunne will be answering your questions on... Read more

20 Jul 2001

It\'s a work of art, is 5 metres high and weighs 100 tonnes - and you\'re invited to climb it. That is, if you can find your way... Read more

19 Jul 2001

American wunderkind Chris Sharma has put up a route which links an F8c+, Biographie, with.. its second part, which gets F8b+ and... Read more

18 Jul 2001

Got something planned for Thursday evening? OK, you can do it after all. John Dunne was to have starred on Rocktalk but (as the... Read more

17 Jul 2001

thumb In the spirit of climbers supporting the environment, Chris Holden, of Kettering, spent four hours climbing 1,136ft up Toronto's... Read more

11 Jul 2001

A climber from London has broken some bones after falling from Demo Route (HS) at Sennen in Cornwall. The route - graded HS -... Read more

11 Jul 2001

The BMC has met with the \"Fire Panel\" about the subsurface fire that had threatened to close the Peak park this weekend. After... Read more

10 Jul 2001

Both Dave Graham and Luke Parady have done Elfe, F9a, on their 5th try. Elfe is Fred Nicole\'s old test-piece done in 1995, and... Read more

7 Jul 2001

Firefighters are struggling to contain a fire in the peat at Arnfield Moor near Glossop; now another is battling a similar fire... Read more

6 Jul 2001

A warning to anyone wanting to get to Avon Gorge over the next months. A burst pipe has washed away one lane of the Portway (A4)... Read more

3 Jul 2001

Footpaths open again - and people leave cars. Guess who\'s coming to break into them? Yup, car crime is on the rise again in the... Read more

3 Jul 2001

Jerry Moffatt\'s travels have taken him to Salt Lake City, Utah where he has given the local lads something to practise on, or... Read more